HeelRepair (15 gm)

HeelRepair - Best Herbal Cream for Cracked Heels


Heelrepair – Helps to heal and prevent dry, scaly and cracked heels. Your perfect all-in-one foot cream.

Herbal cream for soft and smooth feet

Why Green Cure?

Natural Ingredients

CALENDULA (गेंदा का अर्क)

Calendula has re-epithelizing, wound healing and anti inflammatory properties.

MAGNOLIA (हिमचम्पा)

Magnolia a bioactive linkage from Magnolia bark and roots, has anti-inflammatory properties and minimizes skin elasticity loss.

TEA TREE LEAF OIL (चाय के पेड़ का तेल)

Tea Tree Leaf Oil has a broad antimicrobial activity, is free of allergens and reduces acute inflammatory reactions.

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