MagnoItch (50gm)

MagnoItch – Best Herbal Anti-Itch Ointment


MagnoItch Anti Itching Cream – hydrates, calms and soothes itchiness and irritation due to dry skin, effective for fungal infection and bacterial Infection. Effective for itching in private parts.

Calms & Soothes Itchiness & Irritation

Why Green Cure?

Natural & Herbal Ingredients

CALENDULA (गेंदा का अर्क)

Calendula has re-epithelizing, wound healing and anti inflammatory properties.

ZINCUM (यशद भष्म)

Zincum is characterized by anti-inflammatory, astringent properties and has a soothing and drying effect.


Microsilver has strong antibacterial and calming properties, helps fight itching and redness with long lasting effect.

What to Expect

Scientifically Proven

WebMd enumerated Rashes, Wounds, infections, acne and healing can be cured by Calendula

Healthline recommends Zincum for calming the skin

A Scientific Research delivered the efficacy of Microsilver for Anti-Bacterial & Mechanical.

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