NappCure (50gm)

NappCure - For delicate baby skin, best baby rash cream


Nappcure – Nourishes and repairs the sensitive baby skin, helps to heal rashes and eases inflammation

Specially Formulated for Delicate Baby Skin

Why Green Cure?

Natural & Herbal Ingredients

BLACK CURRANT SEED OIL (कलोंजी का तेल)

Black Currant seed oil and Balloon Vine Extract effectively reduce inflammatory processes and replenish the damaged skin barrier.

HAMAMELIS (हैमामेलिस वर्जिनियाना)

Hamamelis has potent antioxidant properties and anti-irritant properties, enhances the appearance of dry skin, reduces flaking and restores the suppleness of skin.

ZINCUM (यशद भष्म)

Zincum is characterized by anti-inflammatory, astringent properties and has a soothing and drying effect.

What to Expect

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