Turning in at night should be a relief, but is often a task!

We, at Green Cure, have compiled these well-researched resources to put you to sleep.
Not only for comfort, but because it’s good for you-
just like Nutrition or Exercise!
MUSIC PLAYLISTS to tune in the peaceful night...
Did you know that listening to music before sleeping can hit your body’s natural snooze button! Here’s a collection of the best sleep songs and instrumentals that we have curated for you on your favourite apps!

SCREEN PROTECT to filter out the BLUE LIGHT!

Switch on the Night Mode on your mobiles through the display settings to filter out the Blue light emissions that can suppress the production of melatonin (the sleep-inducing hormone) in your body.

For Laptops, you can install F.Lux which creates a custom lighting schedule for you that changes every day based on your wake-up time.

BEDTIME MODE to Fix your Sleep Schedule!

Your body loves routine! Set up BedTime Mode (from Google’s Digital Wellbeing under your Android Phone Settings) to fix a regular sleep schedule. It silences notifications & grayscales your phone to reduce enticing colours that keep you awake. It also pops Youtube reminders when it’s time for your bed.

MINDFULNESS APPS to take you to your dreamland...

headspace (1)

Bring in the night with this mindfulness app that has sleep meditations & sleepcasts (40-50 minutes audio experiences) to guide you to calm sleep.

No of downloads: 10 million+

Average rating: 4.7


This app can easily load off your mind with its guided meditations and put you to sleep with its collection of bedtime stories for both kids & adults!

No of downloads: 10 million+

Average rating: 4.2

sleep cycle

What gets measured gets managed. This app gives an analysis of your sleep’s quality, quantity & regularity. Its alarm feature wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase.

No of downloads: 5 million+

Average rating: 4.4

INDOOR PLANTS to sleep-scent your bedroom!

Keep these easy-to-maintain plants in your bedroom to improve your sleep environment. (Remember to keep them by the window sill!).



The perfect indoor plant to lower blood pressure and stress levels.



The best plant to reduce anxiety levels and keep you more alert.



This is an effective sleep inducer due to its calming abilities.

aloe vera


This medicinal plant improves air quality & affects sleep quality.

NIGHT YOGA to stretch out & sink in the night...

Yoga is the most tranquil way to release everything you’re holding onto mentally or physically.

Try these gentle yoga poses and sink into a night of peaceful sleep.

Hero Pose- 20 seconds
hero 150PX
Child’s Pose– 20 seconds
child pose
Camel Pose– 20 seconds
camel pose
Butterfly Fold– 20 seconds
butterfly pose
Corpse Pose– 20 seconds
corpse pose

BOOK SUGGESTIONS to wind down your brain...

Pick a book from The ZZZ-List curated by Psychologist & Sleep Expert Dr. David Lewis to help you sleep.

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Sleep, as simple as it sounds, is sometimes one of the hardest things to get!

Natural Sleep Aids like Restosleep+ can help you get a good night’s sleep & work best when external stimulus is reduced.
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