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Every Mother Needs to Read this (Updated 2021)

Our society is so much better off than it was 100 years ago. However, with growth, there is an insatiable hunger for profits. As a result, a lot of brands use marketing gimmicks to sell to their consumer.
But, when you bring the “little one” to this world, his or her safety is only and only your responsibility. You need to do your own research while choosing a product. Don’t fall for a celebrity endorsement or a social media influencer.
The biggest concern in current baby care products is safety. Using harsh or unsafe products can really damage the baby’s skin.
So, how do I choose safe products?
  1. Stop Believing Any Sort of Endorsements – Look at any marketing campaign with very cynical eyes. Just because a celebrity or a blog (including this one) says so, don’t blindly trust it.
  2. Research the Actives – Check if the actives used are natural, scientifically proven or hold any certifications.
  3. Research the Preservatives or Base ingredients – This is the most overlooked part for any product. When a product is claimed to be “natural”, it’s actives are natural but the preservatives or base ingredients might not be. Here’s something that can help you. European Union standards have defined 10 harmful chemicals. Check if the product has any of these.
  4. Packaging is just packaging – Don’t judge a book by its cover. When it comes to your baby’s safety, don’t get influenced by fancy or colourful packaging.
Right from a brand to your shopkeeper, everyone has an incentive to sell you a particular product. Make your research the biggest strength and the biggest driver in your decision.
We, at Tru Habit, are the first company to combine German Engineering with Indian Ayurveda. Our products are as per European Union norms and free from 10 harmful chemicals.
But don’t trust us! Do your own research and see how we are absolutely the best in the market. No celebrity endorsements, no fancy packaging, just a simple product for complete safety of your baby.

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