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The World of AcneSilk!

Hop on this ride to navigate through and find answers to all your questions!

A medicine works the best if its consumed/used in the “best” way!

AcneSilk is a herbal pimple and acne removal equipped with 100% herbal actives. We have handpicked the best of ingredients for the cream to stand out and work the best.

But to ensure that it works effectively and that our valued customers do not face any problems, let’s take you on a ride to navigate the world of AcneSilk, going through all the important landmarks.

Our first destination is INGREDIENTS’ Paradise!

Here we will discover the ingredients that make AcneSilk the best and one of its kind.

The first thing that goes into AcneSilk is Bamboo Silk which possesses high sebum absorption capacity and evens shiny effect due to oily skin.

The second thing that goes in is Salicylic Acid. It is safe and effective for mild to moderate acne and it’s great for post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. It helps in a clearer, more even-toned complexion and diminishes the appearance of dark marks post breakout.

The third ingredient on the list is Red Clover Extract. This extract reduces the appearance of conspicuous and unsightly enlarge pores with a complete mechanism of action to rapidly recover a refined high definition skin.

Last but not the least, is Magnolia, a bioactive linkage from Magnolia bark and roots, has anti-inflammatory properties and minimizes skin elasticity loss.

The next on our list is the INSTRUCTIONS Gate. Let’s pass through this to get a hassle free experience of AcneSilk!

  • AcneSilk is safe to use for children above 3 years, adults and elderly
  • Clean the affected area and apply cream over pimples and leave it on. Repeat twice daily till spots get lightened
  • Wash hands after every application
  • Replace lid tightly after each use

Here we now arrive at the DOSAGE Square. Let us look at the dosage instructions here!

For best results use 2 times a day for at least a week or till pimples disappear or as directed by the physician.

Let’s now cross over the PRECAUTIONS Bridge! Tread carefully!

  • In case of any irritation, consult your healthcare professional or dermatologist
  • Natural herbal formulations tend to change colour over time. However, efficacy remains the same
  • Results may vary from person to person
  • Do not apply on eyes, ears, mouth or any other delicate area
  • Keep away from children
  • AcneSilk is for external use only

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