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nappcure common diaper queries

If you are a mommy-to-be or have a baby at home then you definitely know how soft and smooth a baby’s skin tends to be. The gentle baby skin is often prone to severe irritation. All thanks to the baby bums’ 24*7 exposure to diapers, the tiny buttocks work well to act as a breeding ground for bacteria that breed on the excrement and moisture.

Therefore, a diaper rash cream becomes an indispensable part of an infant’s skin care routine. GreenCure Wellness presents to you, NappCure anti-rash cream that’s specially devised for soft baby bums. The active ingredient, Hamamelis flower prevents rashes from reappearing. Through this blog post, Greencure Wellness aims to answer all questions that you may have about diaper rash creams and impart knowledge as to why they’re important.

What is the role of an anti-rash cream?

The dual action of a baby anti-rash cream works well to-

1. Treat diaper rashes:

Diaper rash creams are devised to heal those harsh rashes. Anti diaper rash cream acts to moisturize and soothe the skin by acting as a barrier to the moisture that allows the skin to heal and further stops the bacteria from multiplying.

2. Prevent diaper rashes:

Using diaper rash creams on to the baby bum when there do not exist any visible signs of rashes is known to prevent nappy rashes. All thanks again, to the barrier that they form between the baby’s skin and the causes of bacteria viz. excreta, moisture etc.

Where should an anti diaper rash cream be put and what safety considerations need to be kept in mind?

An anti-rash cream primarily needs to be applied onto the cheeks of the buttocks. One may also apply the cream around the anus and in between the cheeks of the buttocks if rashes tend to develop in your child’s genital area.
While diaper creams are safe for use on bare skin and widely used worldwide by parents, there exist a certain things one needs to be aware of. One must carefully go through the composition details of the cream for anti rash creams generally contain potential allergens. Do not use baby powder in conjunction with your cream. One must take a note of the fact that the cream should not be applied inside the vagina of a girl child. One must always wash their hands using soap and water before and after applying diaper cream.

Should an anti-rash cream be applied at every diaper change?

Whether you use diaper rash cream post every diaper change or not is purely a matter of personal choice. Some mothers use the diaper rash cream after every diaper change as a preventative measure while others use it as and when they feel it is needed. One must use diaper rash cream when-

• the baby’s butt has a red appearance.
• the baby is suffering from diarrhea, so as to prevent irritation from frequent stool.
• the baby has a sensitive skin type

What is NappCure? How is it different from other available anti-rash creams?

NappCure is an anti diaper rash cream from the house of GreenCure Wellness which brings for you specially formulated range of wellness products. Formulated by German scientists, Ayurveda lies at the heart of GreenCure’s Wellness products. This Western meets traditional fusion makes GreenCure your ideal choice. The entire GreenCure Wellness range is EDTA, Paraben, PEG, PPG, Mineral and Paraffin Oil free and hence, ensures natural care throughout.

NappCure is an anti diaper rash cream specially devised for soft baby skin. It is different from other similar products on offer in the sense that it is fully natural. Its active ingredients (not to forget, the star ingredient Hamamilis flower that nourishes the cream and the baby skin with softness) work instantly to soothe inflammation. GreenCure Wellness’ NappCure is safe for application on to the skin of the child irrespective of gender. Moreover it is non greasy, the fact that makes sure the mess remains out of your baby’s bottoms. NappCure not only treats rashes but also prevents them.

How to apply NappCure anti-rash cream?

As important as choosing a proper diaper cream is its correct application. Following steps should be followed-

1. Remove the dirty diaper.
2. Clean the butt area and apply a dime-sized amount of anti-rash cream over baby’s butt.
3. Cover the butt with clean diaper.
4. Rinse your hands properly.
5. In case the cream is ineffective on the rashes, it is advised to consult a pediatrician.

When it comes to babies, we at GreenCure understand that nothing but the best would do. Here’s to bidding adieu to harsh rashes because no nappy-rash bums are happy bums.

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