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Why GreenCure’s MagnActive is the Best Skin Care Cream on offer!

MagnActive is the best skin care cream on offer

We really understand how it feels when we burn our hand while we’re trying to soothe our taste buds or when our lips are chapped. The sensation is that of pain coupled with irritation. Aimed to offer you a relief, straight from the by lanes of nature, GreenCure Wellness has in a unique blend of Ayurveda with German scientist technology, devised GreenCure Wellness range.
With MagnActive Antiseptic Healing Cream, GreenCure wants you to celebrate good, healthy skin all day, every day. Here’s why you should replace your regular antiseptic cream with MagnActive NOW-

1. Antiseptic

MagnActive is an antiseptic, antibacterial cream studded with astringent properties that work well to accelerate the pace of healing of injured and dry skin. It slows down the contamination and restores the skin elasticity. Due to its antibacterial properties, Magnactive inhibits the growth of micro-organisms.

2. Heals it all

MagnActive is a multi-purpose cream. Talk about burns, cuts, minor wounds, scratches, abrasions or rashes, MagnActive protects your skin from all skin ailments making sure it resonates the healthy glow.

3. Suitable for all skin types

The herbal formula of MagnActive is suitable for all skin types. So, just shop for this one regardless of the fact that your skin is oily or dry or something in between of both. It is safe during pregnancy.

4. Naturally Yours

The key ingredients in the composition of MagnActive are Magnolia flower bark, Tea Tree Leaf Oil and Zincum. Magnolia has anti-inflammatory properties and minimizes skin elasticity loss. Tea Tree Leaf Oil has a broad antimicrobial activity, is free of allergens and immediately reduces acute inflammatory reactions. Zincum is also characterized for anti-inflammatory, astringent, soothing and drying effects.

5. Suitable for all

MagnActive is as suitable for use by kids as it is for adults. For that matter, MagnActive is even more safer for use by kids who have scraped their skin while enjoying a good play time. Go out, enjoy, we’ll take care of your skin.

6. Healthy protection and care

MagActive not only heals but also repairs and protects the skin. It nourishes the skin with healthy protection and care, and thereby cures. MagnActive’s advanced formulation provides one’s skin with the perfect cure and natural nourishment it needs.

7. Light

The best part about MagnActive Antiseptic Healing cream is that it is light and easily absorbed by the skin, saving you from unnecessary stickiness and moisture, making you feel light yet moisturized.

8. Wellness at its best

We’re glad to announce that GreenCure Wellness range is free from harmful chemicals. The entire range is free from EDTA, Paraben, Mineral Oil, PEG, PPG and Paraffin. It is even free from any fragrance, making sure you’re not caught in between any embarrassing situation.
MagnActive rightly captures the antibacterial power of Tea Tree Oil and Magnolia to treat the dry or inflamed skin conditions. Suitable for larger areas of the body, we encourage you to bid goodbye to varied skin problems, naturally. Shop for GreenCure Wellness products here!

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