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MagnoItch: Everything you need to know about the Best Anti Itching cream in 2021

MagnoItch - hydrates, calms and soothes itchiness and irritation due to dry skin, effective for fungal infection and bacterial Infection

Incorporating a soothing flavor in the complete family wellness range of Tru Habit is MagnoItch – the best anti itching cream. Magnoitch is gentle formulation unlike chemical active agents contains only herbal proven actives like micro silver that calms and inhibits the self-contamination process caused due to itching activity. The formula not only hydrates but also calms and soothes itchiness and irritation due to dry skin.

Basically, MagnoItch is an anti itching medication used to treat skin itching and rashes. In this blog, we educate you on how MagnoItch ointment works, when and when not to use it. It will surely be the best anti itching cream you have used.

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We use only the best ingredients. The active ingredients that go in the making of MagnoItch to render you a calm skin are:

  1. Calendula: Calendula flower, owing to its re-epithelizing and wound healing activities and anti-inflammatory properties, works wonders on to the skin itching.
  2. Microsilver: Microsilver has strong antibacterial and calming properties, it helps fight against itching and redness. Its long lasting effect is what makes Micro silver all the more wonderful.
  3. Zincum: The main characteristics of Zincum are that its anti-inflammatory, astringent and has soothing and drying effects.

These active ingredients work well to prevent the growth of bacteria. MagnoItch’s active formula instantly works on the bacteria, thereby inhibiting their multiplication and at the same time, treating the rashes and inflammation. It is all round medicine!


MagnoItch anti itching ointment is your perfect medicine. It is to be used for treatment of itches caused due to:-

• Fungal infection

• Bacterial Infection

• Skin itching due to dryness

• Inflammation caused due to skin infection

• Acute skin infections

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III. Side Effects

MagnoItch reaches your hands after qualifying EU norms among other necessary safety norms. In rare unfortunate case of any visible side effects, one is advised to visit a physician or dermatologist.

If rashes/irritation/itching persists even after continuous use, then again one should consider visiting a physician or dermatologist.

Like mentioned before, some symptoms could be common but there exist a few rare symptoms, viz-

• Skin Irritation

• Burning sensation

• Nausea

• Fever

IV. Some FAQs

Q. Does it work for fungal and bacterial infections?

A. Yes, Magnoitch works for fungal and bacterial infections. Depending on the severity of infection, it is advisable to take doctor’s consultation. For severe infection, it needs to be paired with oral medication.

Q. Can it be used on private parts?

A. Magnoitch is perfectly safe for applying on private parts of both men and women. It is useful for anal itching & vaginal itching.

Q. How long does it take to work?

A. Magnoitch starts working from the first application itself. For results to show, it is advisable to use it twice daily for at least a week. Results may also vary with the intensity of the problem and from person to person.

Q. Does this cream have any side effects?

A. Magnoitch is made from the exotic ingredients which are handpicked keeping in mind the skin specifications. All ingredients are approved under EU Norms. For sensitive skin, it is recommended to use very little quantity initially, then quantity can be increased moderately. It is advisable to consult a doctor in such cases.

Please go through this link for more information. https://truhabit.in/why-green-cure/


  1. Magno Itch anti itching medicine is meant for external application only.
  2. Before applying the cream, make sure you first clean and then, pat dry the affected place.
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly after applying Magno Itch
  4. Avoid applying Magno Itch on areas affected with sunburns or skin that’s dry, chapped, irritated, or topped with open wounds.
  5. Do not wash the treated area immediately after application of Magno Itch.
  6. Use dime- sized amount of MagnoItch cream or as just necessary depending upon the affected area. Applying an excessive amount of the same may result in pilling.
  7. Avoid contact of MagnoItch with eyes/nose/ mouth.

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Here’s wish you cool and calm times ahead!

With respect from nature and with love from MagnoItch

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